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In-Home Furniture Repair with Craftsmanship and Integrity

Welcome to Weathersby Guild Toronto Furniture Repair

For most of us, our home is the center of the world; it is the place we gather with family and friends and create life long memories. We have carefully chosen our furniture to make our home warm, inviting and comfortable for ourselves and others. Of course time and wear takes its toll on our furniture and before you know it, scratches, dents, rubs, and mars appear to blemish our keepsake pieces, prized antiques and kitchen and bath cabinetry.

Weathersby Guild Toronto can provide you with the best in-home furniture repair in your area at attractive prices that fit well within your home maintenance budget. In a single visit, we can restore the brilliance, luster, and integrity to your damaged and worn furniture. We will also expertly repair structural damages to furniture legs, arms, backs, and cabinets. We can also remove minor scratches and dents in your hardwood floors and kitchen and bath cabinets.